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White Horse Farm

White Horse Lane



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The beautiful horses of White Horse Farm are all owned by us and live with us at our spacious farm. We have the choice of rare Shires, white carriage horses and black Friesian carriage horses, all of which are turned out to a high standard and are always kept in the best shape.

White Carriage Horses
Black Friesians 
Rare Shires

Our popular white carriage horses look stunning no matter what they are pulling. These horses are particularly elegant with their bright coat, streamlined bodies and their high stepping leg action. We currently have six of these beautiful horses and each as stunning as the last.

These gorgeous horses really steal the show with their beautiful dark coats gleaming in the light and their wonderfully long mane and tail. Black Friesians are also extremely popular for pulling white wedding carriages and their dark appearance contrasts stunningly with the white of the carriage and of the brides wedding dress.  

The largest and most sweet-natured of all the horse breeds are the magnificent Shire horses. These beautiful creatures are now classified as at risk with fewer than 1,500 in the world. We are fortunate enough to have seven of these wonderful horses, we have three very rare white Shires and the rest are black. Our Shires have won many awards over their time and we are passionate about persusing the conservation of these gentle giants.

For that extra bit of magic we have unicorns head pieces which make our white carriage horses look even more special and really make them head turners.

We are passionate about providing the best possible care for our horses who all live with us on our 75 acre farm. They are cared for by a specialist team to make sure they are well fed, exercised and happy. The horses all have regular visits from the vet, dentist and farrier to keep them in top condition. With over seventeen carriage horses and only a maximum of eight horses going out a day everyone gets a well deserved day off in which they can relax in one of our huge grazing fields. We recommend for anyone booking with us to come to our farm to see how well we look after our horses.

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